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GICF provides target based business plan and strategy, therefore, with GICF as your consultant DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.


GICF Group has

:  2 decades of international experience

:  100% success rate in development and implementation of business plan and strategies

:  Developed 100+ business plan reports to present to venture capitalist, embassy, bank, international clients and so on

:  Mentored entrepreneurs to achieve "the next level" target

:  Mentored business start-ups for business success

:  Delivered 200+consultancy projects


Catered to

:  Clients in 10 countries: United Kingdom, India, The Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Sweden, Ethiopia and Italy

:  Businesses from 40 sectors: 

       Information technology, robotic engineering, civil engineering, cad cam cae related production, mechanical engineering, reverse engineering, product designing, fashion designing, graphic designing, interior designing, furniture manufacturing, building and construction, import and export, politics, social enterprises, jewellery, tea leaves plantation and distribution, coolers manufacturing, printing press, automotive, automobile, healthcare, e-commerce, e-learning, e-governance, production house, media (news channel), media (print), education, website development, digital marketing, mining, fragrances procurement, glass manufacturing, health supplements, luxury magazine, handcrafted accessories, fast food, poly-houses, agriculture related products, stock broker and stocks and commodities related digital application.

:  300+ businesses


Honoured by

:  Sikh Business Awards 2013 in London as Business Women of the year

:  Global Marketing Summit 2012, Delhi University

:  Innovative Marketing Strategies 2012, Delhi University and

:  D-Axis 2010 to address 2000 NGOs pan India


USP (unique selling proposition)

:  Business plan is based on in-depth study about your company and you as an individual and industry analysis

:  Customised business plan and strategy, provides exact solutions for your company

:  One-to-one CEO training sessions help to implement the business plan efficiently and to have a life you want

:  Focused and target market directed business media production planning; because promotional material reach the market before you



Either you are planning to start a business or grow and expand your business, GICF business start-up plan, business continuity plan, marketing plan is that you need. At GICF we have made it still easier by providing all tools online. Choose a suitable plan and ready templates to have a professional business plan, marketing plan to ensure business growth.


This e-commerce portal gives you an instant access to business tools and first hand customised online consultancy. You can ask any question related to your day to day business needs. May it be financial, operational, human resource related or just a help to make right strategic decision.


Go through the plans and pricing and choose the best for you. If you need help, please contact at


Real time trouble shooting sessions

Consulting and mentoring @ INR 10,000 or GBP 115 per session


Ask a question

Does that one answer decides the future of your business!
Ask the expert and find the sure reply if you should go ahead or wait or decline the decision to be.


Ask experts: take that big decision? run day to day operation?
...confused if next step is right or wrong?
...if you have any other doubt...

Have your question answered in 1 hour to 12 hours for INR 1,500 or GBP 10. Email at


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Business plan

A well written business plan is your visa to a successful business, venture capitalist and bank loan, when presented in a proper business plan format that contains important business plan contents and includes important business plan components. A business plan document presents a clear picture of the business to the stakeholders. Business plan is also a good tool for risk analysis of the business.


A well developed business plan includes important business components and gives details of each business process. Broadly, a business plan document includes information about business concept and business model, about the legal entity of the business under which you will implement and execute the business. Business plan also includes information about industry, markets and competition. Business plan presents information about management and key personnel of the business. Development of a business plan or a business plan design involves development of technical plan and strategy, operations plan and strategy, financial planning, marketing plan and strategy, digital marketing strategy, human resource plan and strategy, growth plan and strategy and exit plan and strategy. It is an art to build a business plan.


It can be a 30-60-90 days business plan or 2 years business plan, 3 years business plan or a business plan for 5 years, depends on the requirement of the business or the stakeholders. A one page business plan is also common among stakeholders. One page business plan is a conclusive and a well-written business plan document. It is also sometimes called as executive summary of a business plan. Though technically a 1 page business plan and an executive summary of a business plan are two different documents.


Business plan can be written for an existing business to measure, track, grow and market the business. Business plan document can also be drafted to ensure smooth running of business processes.


Business plan is drafted for a business startup to analyse markets, competition and industry. It is important rather essential that in business plan startup document, all components of a business plan or business plan contents are thorough and are tested before you start a business. Business plan startup document ensures that your money, goodwill, time and efforts are utilised towards business profits, higher return of investment and business success.  


If you are not a professional business planner or you cannot afford to hire a professional, you can buy a business plan template and fill in the details as per the format mentioned in the business plan template. But you should be careful about the details and information you fill in the business plan template. The best use of business plan template is as a guide to plan the business processes. When you are done with planning, get your business plan document reviewed from a business plan expert.


If you can afford to hire a business plan consultant, then you must get a business plan document drafted and developed by a business plan professional, because a professional will add a lot of value in terms of planning and strategy implementation. If you are writing a target based business plan, then it is advisable to hire a business plan consultant and build your business plan, because it is same as building your business or achieving a business goal.


Consulting and mentoring


Organisations (for profit or for no-profit) that are most successful are consistently thinking ahead of their competitors and always seem ready for the next set of changes or challenges. Consciously or otherwise, they are thinking strategically and are planning ahead. They have a Strategic Plan.


GICF makes this possible for its clients. It:

>  develops a strategic approach in response to achieving the vision

>  documents the approach and have all levels of the organisation accept the process

>  and has a system in place where it is reviewed and adjusted as necessary


Obviously much work goes to achieving those simple statements. Professional systems at GICF, brings all the pieces together for plan development and implementation. Namely, market analysis, company capacities, organisation structure, human resource management, financial analysis, financial strategy, marketing strategy, growth and expansion strategy, exit strategy and so on, all that is required for organisational excellence.


A business plan is a road map to success, so, it is very important to understand and implement the business plan in a right way. GICF provides training sessions to the CEOs that explain the utility and implementation of the Business Plan.

It brings fresh perspective to the process. Equally important, clients have positive feeling, stronger cohesiveness, a sense of accomplishment and a renewed belief.

The professional and organised mentoring provides strategic advantage to the business start-ups and expanding businesses to launch, grow and be successful.


The wide network helps start-up businesses and expanding businesses to find right business partners and investors to make business success a reality.


Training programs


A business plan is a road map to success, so, it is very important to understand and implement the business plan in a right way. GICF provides training sessions to the CEOs and the entrepreneurs that explain the utility and implementation of the Business Plan.

Training programs include:

# How to think like an entrepreneur?

#How to write a business plan ?

#How to prepare a business plan presentation?

#Build your business?


Contact at +91 9811950111 to take an appointment.


Image consultant

What does an image consultant do?

An image consultant works on your appearance, behaviour and communication skills to establish your professional image, social image, public image and political image. Because your image reaches the world before you!


Do you feel the need to prepare yourself for that next level, say, how to be a billionaire? How to look like a billionaire? How to have confidence in you? How to resolve that long pending issue? How to have that person in your life?


Do you know the success depends on your IMAGE?


GICF is a personal image consultant that helps you to transform from outside and inside. We are professional image consultant that coaches you to style and communicate in an efficient manner that reflects in your radiant personality.


We are political image consultant that train you for public appearance, public speaking and create the political image that people seek in their political leaders.


The first impression is a lasting impression. The language of appearance i.e. dress, grooming, body language and communication skills, is more powerful than spoken words. How you say the words make all the difference! Whether you need personal image and style enhancement or power corporate dressing and communication skills programs for your executives or presentation skills for your sales teams, GICF as a business image consultant and personal image consultant help you to achieve your image goals.


We at GICF provide business image consulting that helps successful men and women dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable, attractive and confident. We also provide you tools and techniques those prepare you to face any situation in life, personal, professional or social.


We are virtual image consultant. We mentor you to create an effective image on social media and for digital marketing as a whole. We train you to create profiles and choose photographs on facebook, pintrest, twitter, linkedin, google plus and so on.


As online image consultant, GICF provides online image consulting program via Skype and emails. After completing your sessions, you remain in touch with your consultant via online media.


Contact us for assessment and customised sessions. These sessions includes counselling, consulting and activities for a total image makeover. It is image consultants job to clear mental blocks and renew you with appropriate appearance and inner calm and maturity to manage the environment and be what you want to be!


The expert and professional image consultants at GICF cater to your desire of self-renewal and transformation. Hire a professional international image consultant for your global brand image.


Digital marketing

Digital marketing is an essential element of business excellence. Thousands of companies provide digital marketing, a few with guaranteed Google rank based digital marketing, a few leads based digital marketing and a few have achieved a mark by integrating digital marketing with e-commerce and achieve sales target via digital marketing. Might be you are just following companies using or doing digital marketing. Whichever audience of digital marketing you are, you are simply part of the digital marketing race. Digital marketing requires you invest a lot of time, effort and money. Also you need to be updated with all ever-changing algorithms of digital marketing.


If you are wise to have a digital marketing strategy and execute in efficient and effective manner, you will utilise resources to only cash cows of business while implementing digital marketing. Also, you will know that physical presence or physical marketing is as important as digital marketing. You require a right marketing mix of digital marketing and physical marketing.


Here comes the role of GICF! Why should you hire GICF for marketing of your business? GICF is established in the industry, with a reputation to develop, implement and execute successful marketing plan and strategy, for a decade now. GICF designs digital marketing strategy that your money, time and efforts are directed towards BUSINESS CONVERSIONS.


GICF tells you what exactly you need to do in digital marketing. It creates a result oriented marketing strategy presented in sheets and charts those you can follow blindly in digital marketing and physical marketing and reach your business target or goals.  


Contact us at to hire our services or to know how do we achieve at GICF.


Media production

GICF is a business media production company that provides rich media production, social media production, corporate media production, digital media production, creative media production, television media or TV films production, new media production and business media production services. Specialises in audio production, video production, web video development or production, content writing or creative writing and editing of media production. From pre-production to post-production, we deliver complete media production process. This includes corporate movie production, advertisement film production, business content writing, creative writing, creative conceptualisation, ideation, sound effect or Sfx, visual effects or Vfx, individual portfolio production, stationery design, promotional material design, catalogue design, company presentation development, script writing, voice over or VO, anchoring and so on.


It is the first business-planning firm to provide media production services. It means that the creative directors understand your brand image and the personal or business message you want to send to the target market. And tell your story in a way that engages, inspires and motivates your target media to achieve your marketing plan goals.


Based in Delhi, India, GICF provides media productions services, audio production, animation, video production, graphic designing, images creation or production, photography and content writing. We do it all, from concept to production, from small local companies to international corporations. Our roots might be in Delhi, but we touch hearts globally.


Media production services at GICF

Company Presentation / Project Presentation

Concept development or planning

Slides creation or production

Content writing

Including audio

Including video

Editing and mastering


Website production: Static and CMS




Corporate Movie / Ad Film Production

Pre-production:   Concept development

Production Planning

Location Planning

Script writing (English/Punjabi/Hindi)

Production: Voice Over (Male and/or Female)


Sound Engineering or Music Composition

Graphic designing


Post-production:  VFX (Video Effects)

SFX (Sound Effects)

Mixing and Mastering


Graphic Designing

Promotional Material Design: Catalogue design

E-catalogue design

E-mailer design

Brochure design

Flyers design

Stationery Design:       Business or visiting card design

Letterhead design

Complimentary slips design

Envelope design


Content Writing

Content or creative writing either makes or spoils the production material. GICF understands this and makes sure that right message is imparted through media production. Written words are power...power to attract prospects and customers, power to reach masses, power to express the idea to the clients, power to communicate message to the target market and connect to the right prospects and have high rate of conversions. Script of Corporate movie, Ad film, company presentation and educational videos is most important to maintain the relevance and hence fulfil the purpose.


Based in Delhi, India, GICF provides media productions services, audio production, animation, video, photography, images and content writing.


Contact us at Please visit enquiry/contact pages for further contact details.